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Focused Infusion Therapy of Arizona, PLLC

Ketamine Therapy Clinic located in Wickenburg, AZ

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About Practice

Focused Infusion Therapy of Arizona, located in Wickenburg, Arizona, is an anesthesiology, medicine, and nursing care practice devoted to providing well-rounded care to support physical and mental wellness. 

Led by pain management specialist Laura Meaney, DNAP, CRNA, the ketamine therapy clinic takes an integrative and collaborative approach to care, working closely with other health care providers, including psychiatrists, to ensure patients get the services they need to optimize their health and wellness.

The ketamine therapy clinic provides intravenous (IV) therapy to help patients suffering from chronic physical and mental health conditions that fail to respond to traditional medical treatments, including depression, addiction, and chronic pain. The team also offers ketamine infusion therapy to help those suffering from suicidal ideation. 

In addition to ketamine therapy, Focused Infusion Therapy of Arizona also provides the Myers’ cocktail. The IV vitamin solution optimizes health and wellness, boosts immunity, and offers therapeutic benefits for the treatment of chronic mental and physical conditions, such as depression and fibromyalgia. 

For compassionate care from a team dedicated to helping patients find the solution they’ve been searching for to manage their addiction, chronic pain, or depression, contact Focused Infusion Therapy of Arizona by phone or online today. 







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